Investor, meet Onerva-bot at Slush 2018


Are you coming to Slush 4.-5.12.2018?

If you are into: deeptech, AI, healthcare and robotics, we could have a chat.

We are developing conversational-AI for eldercare and for disabled people.

Kind of ”Alexa for eldercare”. Some call it social robot.

It’s intelligent software + hardware (smart speaker) with an actual AI in it that can understand the context from human speech.

This is real DEEPTECH. I mean it’s HAL9000 meets Westworld.

Our seed round starts Q1/2019, our target is 500-750k€ that we can double with loan/public funding.

Several cities lined up and waiting for our new solutions. Market research in DACH-countries and Sweden are ongoing. We have revenue from our current solution, an instant messaging service for eldercare, so we are already in the business.

Want to meet and know more? Book a meeting with @Ville Niemijärvi via Slush matchmaking tool or send an email: Ville at

See you at Slush!

Cheers, Onerva-team