Experiences from Hello Tomorrow summit at Paris, France

Onerva was selected in top 500 deep tech startups from 4500 applicants and was invited to participate Hello Tomorrow -summit at Paris 14.-15.3.2019

Hello Tomorrow summit is now behind and here’s a short summary of it.

Pretty from the outside but…

Hello Tomorrow was a great event and interesting subjects from space exploration to brain-computer interfaces.

Although we have to say that in many cases the conversations and panels were at very high / nice-to-know level. Concrete insights, experiences from entrepreneurs or investors, wow-effects and actual benefits for the audience were missing.

Hello Tomorrow looked good and everything worked smoothly

Unfortunately the content of the presentations didn’t match the high expectations. In some case the content was just few screenshots from news headlines. For example it would have been nice to hear actual entrepreneurs doing brain-computer interfaces.


We would have like to hear experiences from actual entrepreneurs who have been-there-done-that instead of some incubator/accelerator showing general slides and newspaper headlines what is going on around the world.

Compared to Finnish events, like Slush or smaller ones like Upgraded Life last year, or other we have attended like Frontiers at Berlin…. Hello Tomorrow was pretty from the outside but actual content was a bit of a disappointment.

But still it was good experience and great to see what is being developed around the world. And of course Paris itself was lovely so maximum points on the location 🙂

Three things to take home

Here’s three things that we gained:

  1. We will follow up with couple interesting investors
  2. Maybe do a prototype with brain-computer interface (which is super-interesting subject and would like to learn more how to apply it for elderly customers) and
  3. Bring more emotional / multidimensional intelligence and personality into our Onerva-bot virtual assistant (like Google Assistant has done by hiring writers from Onion and Pixar)