Onerva - a Digital Notebook for Eldercare.

Onerva is a caring platform for eldercare. It has a digital notebook, kind of “whatsapp for eldercare” and a marketplace where you can find health and wellbeing services.

With Onerva instant-messaging service, family members, aging customer and nurses/care provider can communicate with each other in realtime and securely.

This way family members will always know how their aging loved one is doing and if they need extra help.

Onerva messaging service is now used all over Finland both public and private sector and it has users in Sweden, Germany and US.

Transparency builds trust and happier customers

Onerva reduces stress and worries of family members and builds trust.

Warmer relationship and trust between nurses and family members has increased even job satisfaction for nurses.

For care providers Onerva builds brand value, raises customer satisfaction and engages family members to participate.

Direct sales channel

Onerva has a marketplace and a sharing platform for health and wellbeing services. From there aging customers and their family members can find and purchase health and wellbeing services with a click of a mouse.


So when the need for care arises: whether it’s need for home care, nurse to help with medicine, help with groceries, somebody to take you out – It should be available with a click of a button.

Now family members can move from instant-messaging (where the need is raised) into marketplace and find the right care service instantly.

Ask for free trial

Want to test Onerva Caring platform in your nursing home or homecare? 

We offer Onerva for free trial use up to 4 months. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for more.



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